Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bali Island - Indonesia

Bali Island Topography, rice fields, mountains and beaches Rice terraces,Bali mountain range is from Batukaru in the west and Gunung Agung in the East while in the center there are lakes which divides Bali Island into two plains, the Northern and the Southern plains.

The Northern plain is much narrower, hilly and dry so that there is no much wet rice culture possible and yet the people here like in the rest of Bali Island live from agriculture.

The mountain in some places comes right to the sea, the coast is swampy in the West, alternately sandy and full of pebbles in the center and rocky in the East. There are few beaches here good for swimming as well as snorkeling and diving.

The Gunung Batur (Batur Mountain)is very active volcano. In this century it erupted in 1905, 1926 and 1963 when it kept erupting till 1974. One of its many craters once in a while emits smoke.

The highest Volcano - Mt. Agung was quite for more that 150 years, but it was certainly not dead yet. It erupted suddenly in 18 February 1965 when Bali Island was about to have a big purification ceremony, called Eka Desa Rudra, which is to be held every 100 years. The previous eruption must be 1811, because this was mentioned in the book, the history of Java, written by Raffles, when he was Governor General of Indonesia.

The center part of Bali Island are most fertile and in these regions the tourists can see the most beautiful rice field terraces. This part of Bali is, no wonder, called the rice belt of the Island. The South part lies white sandy beaches where mostly hotels are located such as : Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian and Sanur area. To the Southeast of central Bali lies the arid island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan which used for snorkeling, beaching by most of Cruises company.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Billie Jean or Moonwalker - Michael Jackson Indonesia - Rozi Zamroni Live

Rozi Zamroni dance like Michael Jackson in Balcony City, 
Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Pada pertengahan era 80-an, deman breakdance mulai melanda dunia. Bahkan gaungnya sampai ke Indonesia. Salah satu faktor yg bikin penyebaran jenis tarian baru ini berjalan sangat cepat adalah gerakannya yg fantastis. Tarian ini menonjolkan unsur akrobatik dlm setiap gerakannya. Belum lg musik pengiring yg emang asyik banget. Salah satu gerakan yg paling populer dlm breakdance adalah Moonwalk. Gerakan ini paling sering di pakai di setiap kombinasi gerakan breakdance. Sangat simpel dan gak menguras energi. Biar gitu, gaya ini elegan dan butuh teknik khusus agar sempurna. Ternyata gerakan ini udah ada sebelum breakdance populer. Diciptakan maha bintang musik alias King of Pop Michael Jackson sekitar bulan Juni 1983, gerakan ini tadinya khusus diciptakan Jacko buat mendukung penampilannya dlm acara peringatan 25 tahun kelahiran perusahaan musik Motown. Lucunya, gerakan ini tercipta saat Jacko lagi nyantai di dapur. Padahal sebelumnya Jacko berulang kali berusaha keras buat menciptakan berbagai gerakan baru dan selalu gagal. Setelah menciptakan Moonwalk, nama Jacko pun melambung sebagai penyanyi solo yg sukses dan dinobatkan sebagai King of Pop.

Rather than featuring one continuous narrative, the film is a collection of short films about Jackson, several of which are long-form music videos from Jackson's Bad album. The film is named after the dance technique known as the moonwalk, which was one of his trademark moves. The name of the dance move was dubbed by the media, not by Jackson himself; however, he did choose the title of the film himself. The film is rated Parental Guidance outside of the United States.
Moonwalker was a big success at the box office, making a collection of $ 67,000,000 worldwide

The release of Moonwalker was originally scheduled to coincide with Jackson's 1987 album, Bad. During the theatrical release of Moonwalker, Jackson was also embarking on the Bad World Tour, his first tour as a solo performer. The film was released theatrically in Europe and South America, but Warner Bros. canceled plans for a Christmas 1988 theatrical release in the U.S. Moonwalker was released on home video in the United States and Canada on January 10, 1989, just as the Bad World Tour finished. (His tour was supposed to finish sooner, but had been postponed due to some vocal strain, so it went on until the last week of January 1989.) The video had sold more than 800,000 copies in the U.S by April 17, 1989

Michael Jackson Indonesia